Of Other Spaces: Heterotopia
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Of Other Spaces: Heterotopia

Odds and Ends is pleased to present Of Other Spaces: Heterotopia, a two-person exhibition featuring works by French artists Barbara Penhouët and Vinent Ruffin. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with RHK STUDIO and will be on view from 2 May to 8 June 2024.

Of Other Spaces: Heterotopia explores concepts of emplacement and heterotopia theorised by French philosopher Michel Foucault, through contemporary paintings by Penhouët and Ruffin. The exhibition draws parallels between modes of meaning-making in the pictorial plane and sense-making in our reality, exploring the creations of illusion and otherness in both art historical and social contexts. Conceived as an open-ended question, rather than an answer, the exhibition aims to dissect our ever-changing world through the painted lens of two contemporary artists. Their practices oscillate between abstraction and figuration, attesting to the vitality of the painted medium and the reciprocal transformations that take place between philosophy and art.

Odds and Ends 

Odds and Ends is a contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong that showcases local and international emerging artists, with a focus on Asian diasporic artists. The mission of the gallery is to nurture new talents through a rigorous exhibition programme and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations. Odds and Ends strives to serve emerging artists in Hong Kong and beyond by building a curatorial programme that emphasises context, storytelling, and representation.


Barbara Penhouët 

Barbara Penhouët (b.1990 in Vannes, France) is a painter and architect. She has a master from the Ecole supérieure d'architecture de Bretagne (ENSAB) and lived 5 years in Berlin before moving to Paris. In her work, Barbara has a keen interest in exploring the challenges of human intimacy. She has held solo exhibitions in Rennes and Berlin. She also took part in several group exhibitions in Berlin and Reykjavik. She was artist in residence at the SIM residency program in Reykjavik, Iceland during the summer of 2018.

Vincent Ruffin 

Vincent Ruffin (b. 1972 in Cambrai, France) is a painter living and working in La Rochelle. A seasoned painter, Ruffin's works depict pictorial landscapes in ghostly dream states that oscillate between the surreal and reality. Vincent Ruffin treats the painting as a sculpture that he 'carves'; focusing on its texture and tactility. He has held solo exhibitions in Paris and partook in several group exhibitions in Turkey and Brussels. She was an artist in residence in Cuba, Philippines, New York, and Italy. Ruffin’s work has been collected but The Museum of Fine Arts in La Rochelle, France, and Lubeck, Germany.


RHK STUDIO is a Hong Kong-based agency that supports artists in implementing their visions by developing cultural strategies, identifying suitable contents, and executing projects and events. The studio helps artists in production execution and identifies potential opportunities both domestically and abroad. RHK STUDIO has an extended network and collaborates with a selection of international specialists and experts in various fields to deliver the best cultural strategies to artists.

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