Online Series: Four Stories about a Fox (Puppet Show on La Fontaine)
Online Series: Four Stories about a Fox (Puppet Show on La Fontaine)

In La Fontaine’s Fables, the fox is a recurring character. Foxes have been stereotyped for centuries as cunning, treacherous, quick-witted and greedy. As the centuries passed, the fables faded, and the fox's magic failed. Through modern puppetry short films, Chen Ying Ching, Artistic Director of the Fantastic Puppet Theatre, reinterprets stories about the fox in La Fontaine's Fables, which are adapted by established musician Chan Wai Fat. These four stories about the fox connect to each other, while developing independently at the same time.

The Fox and the Leopard 
The fox was very particular about his appearance. One day, the fox and the leopard were arguing about which of them was more good looking…

The Fox with Nowhere to Hide (adapted from The English Fox)
Chased by several hounds, the fox had no way to escape. When the desperate fox felt that he had nowhere to hide, he came up with an idea…

The Fox's Tail (adapted from The Fox with His Tail Cut Off, The Fox, the Flies, and the Hedge-Hog)
Wounded by a hunter, the fox dripping with blood, and finally fell down on a muddy path, attracting many flies to bite him. The fox felt that his tail was just a useless burden when he tried to flee for his life. At this moment, the fox met a hedgehog... 

The Fox and the Mask 
The fox came to an actor's house and saw an exquisite mask of a monster…

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