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Urban Ghostnets

URBAN GHOSTNETS is an artistic installation with an environmental dimension.
It is inspired by ghostnets, which are fish nets abandoned by fishermen at the bottom of the ocean, creating ecological disasters. The impact on the underwater flora and fauna is huge.

URBAN GHOSTNETS is a metaphor of the danger incured by our cities with all of the waste we create, every day growing even if not visibly.
Harry CHAN, a worried but active Hong Kongese dives with other volunteers to recover those fishnets in the Hong Kong waters in order to restore the ecosystem.

Raphaelle de Broissia, a textile artist, Christine Blom, a sculptor and ceramist, and some of her students will create an urban environment.. Fati Magalhaes, an embroider, will add her personal touch to it.
Alexandre Basse, a videographer and composer, will strongly impact the necessity to act.
URBAN GHOSTSNETS is a combination of those artistic disciples.

Christine BLOM started Sculpture in 2006 in Belgium and it was the beginning of something very important in my life. I stayed there for 2 years taking classes at the studio of Annabelle Hyvrier.
When I moved to Lisbon in Portugal in 2008, it was impossible to find sculpture classes so I discovered the art of Ceramics. For 6 years, I learnt different techniques and explored the techniques of glazing. At the same time, I studied at the Fine Art University of Lisbon.
In 2013, I moved back to Paris and worked at the Rrose Selavy’s studio for one year. I have lived in Hong Kong for more than 4 years and I’m a member of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.
I like mixing the techniques of Ceramic and Sculpture, creating tall figures with textures, colors and disproportionate effects.
May 2016 and 2017, I was curating and participating in group exhibition for various “French May associated project”. Nov-Dec 2016, Participation in the « 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes Pottery Design competition and exhibition ». Finalist, my piece was shown at the exhibition at the New Taipeh City Yingge Ceramics Museum.
From nov 2016, I start teaching sculpture techniques at the VAC ceramics studio. In 2017, I continued teaching and started to develop a masterclass concept having, some amazing foreign artists with special skills, come to HK for masterclasses.
February 2018, I opened Bulle d’Art, artlab and events, in Wong Chuk Hang District. I want the place to be a platform for artists: Sculpture classes, painting classes, exhibitions, collaborative workshops……..
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Bulle d’Art students
My name is Mathilde.
I have been in HK for 6 years and I am very fond of local culture and unique lanscapes. Lets help to preserve it!

My name is Brigitte.
I have settled, for now, in Hong Kong! After 6 months in this amazing city I discovered “Bulle d’art” and decided to go back to modelling, a subject of my art surveys I used to enjoy. Participating in a collective work denouncing the impact of one of the trails left by our society is unique. My little step to help the environment.

My name is Emmanuelle
I live in HK since 2011.
Being photograph, I was looking for another way to see and explore art. Sculpture helped me find it.
This project has for goal to make people aware of pollution. In the past I used to live for a short period of time on the ocean, and everyday I could see more and more trash coming into the bay. I want to stop that trash floating in the ocean and I want to stop that pollution from destroying our nature and planet. I hope my project can help to create awareness for the public about this problem.

My name is Séverine
Séverine Teisseire’s discovery of sculpture is a story of friendship and meditative reflection inspired by Hong Kong’s cultural and spiritual distance to Severine’s own roots. Severine is French and has lived in Hong Kong for 4 1/2 years. As an urban planner, she is passionate about the built environment, how to limit its use of natural resources and impact on our planet.

My name is Valérie (8 years in HK)
I discovered sculpture classes a year ago, with Christine Blom giving us many creative ideas. The waste problem is important in HK, this project of “”sculpture and fight against waste”” is very interesting and it’s a great idea and I’m proud to be involve in this group project.

My name is Alexandra.
Since her arrival in Hong Kong in 2011, Alexandra PRAJER, engineer and architect who graduated in the Polytechnic School of Gdansk. She is passionate and devoted a lot of time to painting and creation.
She joined ‘Bulle d’Art’ in September 2018.
She is willing to join the ‘sculpture and fight against pollution’ project, part of the French May events, by mixing sculpture and painting techniques.

Agnès MOREL, Florence KENNISH HENRY, Rachel HENNINOT et Sandrine FLAMENCOURT will also be part of the project.

Fati MAGALHAES, the embroider, will add the detailed touch

Presented by
23 May - 2 Jun 2019
Bulle d'Art
Kwai Bo Industrial Building, Space 8a, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
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