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Live elegantly and healthy the French way

“Classic” is Le French May’s theme for this year. Elegance is the classic trait of the French, so even though the world is experiencing this virus, the French doesn’t stop living a healthy and hygienic lifestyle elegantly.

After numerous attempts, Parfumerie Trésor finally mastered a hand sanitizer formula that is moisturising, nourishing and fragrant. And that is why we will be holding this unique workshop experience where individuals will learn to hand make their own personal perfume scented hand sanitizer.

You will be taken on a journey of how to choose your own personal scent followed by a tasting of a selection of perfumes. Our parfumeries will personally assist each individual into choosing their favourite perfume and guide them into making their own hand made perfume scented hand sanitizer. At the end of the workshop each individual will have their own one-of-a-kind perfume scented hand sanitizer.

Let’s all live healthy and elegantly the French way!

About Benny Tung, Founder & Parfumerie

Benny Tung founded Parfumerie Trésor in August 2014 with his sister Pauline Lau. For years, Benny and Pauline prepared to open a shop that Hong Kong has never seen before. Searching far and wide, they approached various niche perfume brands and brought them to Hong Kong. Gathering together various niche perfumes from around the world and housed them under one roof. They spent years learning about the industry, trained and learnt perfumes directly with various perfume brands from

Europe and U.S. and ultimately becoming an experienced Parfumerie. Benny has been surrounded by perfumes since a very young age and the influence it had on him was strong. It was particularly strong after his father passed, the olfactory memories triggered by his father’s unique scent kept his father alive in his mind. The scent of his Father’s unique perfume (a gift from Hong Kong entertainer Lydia Shum) is a scent that he holds dear to his heart. It was because of this experience that Benny wanted to open a shop where he could share not only his own stories but also the stories of niche and artistic perfumes with the public. His dream was to allow whoever enters Parfumerie Trésor to discover a new world of unique perfumes and to uncover their own stories and memories.

Presented by
1 May (Friday) - 31 May (Sunday) 2020
Parfumerie Trésor - Main Store
G/F, 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, HK
$ 200 /per person
Ticketing at Parfumerie Trésor shop or via the official website





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