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The Chicano Revolution

Modern and Contemporary Art

CEET Fouad

CEET [pronounced: “see-tee”] spent his early years painting graffiti on any and all inanimate surfaces in his home town with his street crews, Truskool and Trumac. Since the mid-80’s, he has focused increasingly on his canvas work and continually experiments with various applications of acrylic, oil and spray paint. He pays close attention to every detail and in the past years has enjoyed working with his «Chicanos» as a colorful metaphor to humans living in today’s ever-crowding world.

Since 2003, he has been based out of southern China and is a prolific muralist and networker. Not only is CEET a well-known French street artist and painter, but he has ventured into design and making sculptures in the past decade. While each year he continually receives invitations to exhibit in well-known galleries all across the world, his presence in international contemporary art shows and petitioned support from dozens of commercial brands and companies over the years only serve as a testament to CEET’s hard work and well-deserved place on the international stage.

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13 May - 13 June 2017
Jardin Orange Artist Residency
B22, SoFun Land, Tangxing Rd., Tao Yuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PRC
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