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Proud of Her

The whole project started with a picture of chaussette b.’s grandmother, a worn out photo forgotten in a drawer. The artist decided to pull it out from the dark and bring her to light. Remembering her spirit, her ways of being, chaussette b. pictured the life grandma could have lived in another time.
From then on, she started to collect photos of grannies and aunties, and their relatives started to immerse into their memories. Chaussette b. used these materials as an inspiration to create stories about each one of them, as they genuinely deserved.
Each “paintography” is an artwork of dozens of pictures combining together to create a new and unique image. The artist recreates an art-deco counter photographing her living room table legs, adding the arabesque of her desk and the image of empty bottles; invents a carpet from the patterns of her scarf. She integrates a giant vase based on a picture of an IKEA glass; creates a massive lighting inspired by her bedside lamp. A lady gets some pink on the cheeks; another gets a line of mascara. One has a touch of powder on her nose; while another has earrings added…
They are now ready to come out of the drawers.
Here they are, their name is Lucy, Lai Cui Yan, Hon Bon Chu, Kwan Chui Tin, Aline… and they are outstanding.

After working intensively in the retail industry in Paris and Hong Kong for 15 years, chaussette b. decided to quit and she dived in all the fun things she never had time for. She has tried almost everything on her long list. Eventually, she whittled her aspirations down to two: painting and photography.
But she has to admit that she is not a good painter, so she decided to use her photos and digitally combined them to make her own paintings.
Chaussette b. paints on a canvas some abstract background, takes a picture of it, melds it with other pictures, and enhances it with some texture to have the final result. Each of her “paintography” is the combination of dozens of photos she brazenly twists, manipulates and combines to get the canvas she has in mind.
After the Fanf à l’air, Cliché and Moles, Proud of Her is her fourth exhibition in Hong Kong.

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27 Apr 2019 - 19 May 2019
Pirate Bay Cheung Chau
Pirate Bay Cheung Chau, 13 Tsan Tuen Road, Sai Wan, Cheung Chau.
Free Admission





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