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Pop-up Boutique ’Made in France, Fabriqué en France’
Celebrate Made-in-France Craftsmanship

France has always been full of strong artistic atmosphere. Wandering on the streets of France, architecture designs and statues from different historical eras can been seen; in addition, French fashion, perfume and jewellery are world-renowned and well-known for its delicate and extraordinary craftsmanship.

May is a perfect month to celebrate French art. Rue Madame, the concept boutique of French fashion together with Le French May will host the ‘Made in France, Fabriqué en France’ pop-up boutique featuring four brands originated in France including jewelry brands Servane Gaxotte, Les Georgettes and Gas Bijoux, and Fragonard, a perfume brand with almost hundred years of history.


Servane Gaxotte

Since Servane Gaxotte founded the house by her name 15 years ago, the French Jewelry brand known by its silver figure jewelry has offered so many unique products with personalities thanks to the best materials and the meticulous Made-in-France craftsmanship. The wall was covered by hearts and hand shapes created manually with over 1,000 nails, with the nearly 100 works irregularly hanging on the nails, all works even the ‘nail wall’ were completely handmade. The rich vibe of art is the proof of how possessed and passionate Servane Gaxotte is to handicraft.

Other than exquisite craftsmanship, each doll is styled by different style of fabric and accessories. Gaxotte ensured the quality of each doll by meticulous focus on design of cloth, modelling, polishing, material, tailoring, bearing and more.


Les Georgettes

By combining the savoir-faire of Maison Altesse and Texier, Les Georgettes by Altesse brings together the finest in jewellery and leather craftsmanship. All collections are produced with traditional French know-how in our ateliers in the Ardeche and Brittany regions, so as to provide you with the highest-quality jewellery pieces. In just a few seconds, every woman can create her very own collection of exclusive Les Georgettes by changing or reversing the band to go with her outfit, her bag or her mood!


Gas Bijoux

In 1969 André Gas was inspired by his world travels and started Gas Bijoux with the art of creating the most exquisite jewels in mind. Every Gas Bijoux piece is made by the expert hands of our master jewellers and craftsmen under the sun of the French Riviera. In the summer of 1969, the world dreamed of hope and freedom. André Gas, freshly graduated from the École des Beaux Arts de Paris, went back to his native French Mediterranean coast and found that jewellery was the best medium to express his artistic visions.

Inspired by his first travels to Africa, and by the «peace and love» movement, his first creations found an immediate success on the gorgeous beaches and villas of Saint-Tropez, home of Brigitte Bardot. Soon, André Gas opened his first store in Saint-Tropez and Gas Bijoux developed to become international known as a high end designer jewellery.

At the heart of Gas Bijoux lies the Atelier perched on the hills of Marseille, André Gas’ hometown, where all Gas Bijoux creations are designed and handmade by a unique team of gifted artisans mastering techniques as varied as enamelling, gem setting, weaving, polishing…In this unique creative laboratory and workshop, drawers overflow with a multitude of different materials of chains, charms, gems, crystal, feather, pearls, sequins, and rhinestones from every part of the world which reflects the unique intricacy and complexity of manufacturing a Gas Bijoux piece.



Fragonard is a French perfumery house from Grasse, in the south of France. Fragonard makes their products in their own factory, which is one of the most interesting sights in the city of Grasse. The house was founded by Eugene Fuchs in 1926 in Grasse. He named the company in honour of French painter Jean-Honore Fragonard. The earliest edition of the perfume was created in 1928 and the newest is from 2015. Today, Eugene Fuch’s great granddaughters preside over the perfumery’s destiny, and are as concerned as the preceding generations with continuing to build the company while adapting it to current market needs and desires. All Fragonard’s products packaging is printed with exotic and artistic illustrations. The pictures echo well with the scent exclusively bringing by Fragonard.

Opening hours from 10am to 10 pm
1/F, Lee Gardens 1, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

About Rue Madame

Rue Madame is a concept created by Ariane Zagury in collaboration with Patricia and Nathalie Samson, a sister duo with well-established concept stores in Paris.

Ariane Zagury relocated to Hong Kong in 2008, in 2010, becoming the owner of now, one of the most popular fashion chain stores in Hong Kong and Singapore ‘Rue Madame’, known for providing the best products and services at fair and reasonable price point.

24th - 31st May
Lee Gardens 1
1/F, Lee Gardens 1, Causeway Bay





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