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Antoine Rameau

Modern and Contemporary Art

Antoine Rameau

Born in 1974, Antoine Rameau is a French artist raised between the green vineyards of Burgundy and the legendary blue seas of Brittany.

Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, New York and Glasgow, Rameau travelled the world, exploring cultures, drawing, taking photos and nurturing his passion for lush nature, storytelling, mythology and human nature.
He first discovered South-East Asia in 1997 (before heading to the Silk Road) and has been living in Hong Kong, with his family, since 2010.

Inspired by the Recycled Art movement, each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols and often satirical messages, which viewers can interpret based on their own experiences.
His works are fully hand-made: all pictures and papers are cut, transformed and glued together through a complex and meticulous “recycling” process. Rameau loves the idea of “giving photos a true second-life” being part of a new visual creation. “Sometimes, pictures that I mixed have absolutely nothing in common but I amazingly feel they were meant to be assembled together”, he says.

Rameau’s inspirational art keeps adorning the walls, ceilings and benches of the emblematic Hong Kong tramway since May 2016. Travel “arty” in coach #151, and feast your eyes upon his giant collage posters on board!

Rameau’s work is regularly shown in Hong Kong:

  • ARTEMISS GALLERY (Singapore) at the Asia Contemporary Art Show – May 2013
  • CANVAS GALLERY: 1st solo show in Hong Kong – December 2013
  • B FELIX: solo show – Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY arts festival – May 2014
  • PMQ: solo show – Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY arts festival – June 2014
  • HONG KONG ARTS CENTRE, July 2014-May 2015
  • KEE CLUB – May 2015
  • KARIN WEBER GALLERY: solo show – Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY arts festival – May 2015
  • SOGO Club: solo show – Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY arts festival – May-June 2016
  • AVENUE DES ARTS – CONSIGG – September 2016
  • KEE CLUB: Live performance for the opening Art Gallery Association‘s party of the HONG KONG ART WEEK – October 2016
  • AWETHENTIC GALLERY (curated by AVENUE DES ARTS – CONSIGG): December 2016

and in Singapore:

  • SOCIETE GENERALE GALLERY, Alliance Française: 1st solo show – November 2015
  • BRUNO GALLERY: Associated Project of VOILAH! French arts festival – April-May 2016.

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