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Il Jouait Du Piano Debout

[Cancellation announcement]


French May Arts Festival regrets to announce that the subsequent performance Il Jouait Du Piano Debout has been cancelled.

For ticket refund, further arrangements will be announced by 18 Jun. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Additional performance on 5 Jun (Sat) 3pm
Ticket will release from 26 May 10am on Urbtix


Il Jouait Du Piano Debout is a musical tribute to the famous French composer Michel Berger. This colourful show takes us on a musical journey between Paris and Hong Kong. Paul M is a young Parisian singer and pianist who dreams to conquer the international stage. Surrounded by his best friend and manager Hippolyte, and his girlfriend and “muse” Gabrielle, Paul manages to sign a contract with a prestigious record company and to seduce the public with his new sound and singing style. During his international tour, Paul will discover many cities, especially Hong Kong and its rich culture. Paul will try to live his passion to the fullest despite his sudden success and the shenanigans of Ellie, his artistic director.

Il Jouait Du Piano Debout features thirty artists, actors, singers, dancers, and musicians.

Story by Nasthasia Faure and Justine Devisse-Mezrani
Artistic director: Nasthasia Faure
Director: Lenny B. Conil
Choreographer: Mohamed Drissi
Production Director: Justine Devisse-Mezrani

Nasthasia Faure & Justine Devisse-Mezrani © Photochromatique

This high energy musical promises plenty of good vibes. Get ready to swing !

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Copyright © 2021 French May Arts Festival in Hong Kong. All rights reserved.

Theater director: Lenny B. Conil
Artistic and Music Director: Nasthasia Faure
Choreographer: Mohamed Drissi
Production Director: Justine Devisse-Mezrani

Paul Milon
Florent Pain
Marine Bouyssou
Justine Devisse-Mezrani
Jules Carrier
Lenny B. Conil
Michael Quach
Anne Vuillin

Victor Martin
Ingrid Sera-Gillet
Mikael Henry
Emilie Chardonnay
Matthieu Motte
Nasthasia Faure
Calie Lassus
Charline Ambrogi

Juliette Assouad
Violaine Trelluyer
Marie Bertram

Letizia Garcia Casalino
Thuy Anh Nguyen
Vissakha Ham
Gloria Sze Man Lam
Jessie Fung Ling Ko
Yvonne Cabansay
Dina Castro
Jennifer Feliciano
Alice Blond
Adelaïde Morzol
Fanny Rubio
Jules Carrier
Steven Lin

Technical team:
Production Manager: Vanessa Lee
Stage manager: Hamish Campbell
Sound Board Operator: Hervé Pequignet
Light Board Operator: Frederic Thierry D’Argenlieu
Subtitles : Karine Zanini
Photography: Lenny B. Conil
Video maker: Marion Delucé
Sound engineer: Julien Guerreau
Promotional design: Michele Cade
Set designer: Bill Cheung
Props adviser: Guillaume Vaquier
Make-up design: Lisa Frain

(*additional) 5 Jun (Sat) 3pm ; 4 -6 Jun (Fri - Sun), 8pm ; 6 Jun (Sun), 3pm
Hong Kong City Hall - Theatre
5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
Addtional ticket release from 26 May 10am on Urbtix
$350 (1 May onwards)
$290 (Early birds: 16-30Apr)





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