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Les Aimants by Mangano Massip Company

An award winning show, a silent evolution of love interpreted by a soul-connecting duo of 15 years

Days of occupancy and escaping follow each other, full of angst and remorse, of lies and disputes. The tenderness will for ever have the upper hand on distress, dreams will always colour life, and regardless love retains a magical force that closely engages two creatures. Together, we end up weary, apart we found ourselves alone. It is the only true aspect of true love, and it is also the loneliness and the dignity deepest to the human heart. It is always necessary to experience such confusion, such difficulties, to be able to understand the meaning of life.

The show « Les Aimants » won the Interpretation price at Roma Fringe festival 2015.

MANGANO – MASSIP COMPANY was created in 2010 by Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip to explore the art of mime and its extended forms of expression.
They met at the Marcel Marceau School in 1994 and have worked together since graduating, as members of the Marceau Company and as a duo with their own repertoire.
Together they have created a body of work based on the meeting of mime and contemporary dance in a form that is first and foremost theatrical.
From 2010 theirs shows have been toured around the world including London, China, Israël, Chile, Singapour, Porto Rico, Iran, Kossovo, Italiy, , Switerland, etc..

4 May 2019, 8pm
Sheung Wan Civic Centre - Theatre
345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong





Association Culturelle France - Hong Kong Limited

27/F, 1 Des Voeux Road West
Sheung Wan