2021 Edition > crawling forward – piano trio concert with choreography
Crawling Forward – Piano Trio Concert with Choreography

“Crawling forward” – from what? Where?

This is a question without answer, asked by members of the Doyle Piano Trio and dancer Jonathan Hung. In this concert, they aim to explore this question with selections of French music and rare compositions, including the only Piano Trio by Fauré and Plainscape by Latvian composer Pēteris Vask. Audience could experience multi-sensationary presentation of these carefully selected pieces. In the one hour voyage, what you could experience is much more than mere music…

The inspiration of this performance comes from the movement of silverfish— or other everyday insects often seems irregular and unpredictable. And yet they are always organic and purposeful, they might be running for their lives, they might be going for food- they crawl forward with life and reasons. The feeling afflicted on us when we listened to certain music is very much like the movement of insects, one might not understand the meaning in the first glance, and usually forget it once and for all after a while. However, when we study the feeling carefully, we might see the pattern and reason behind.

We intended to capture the feeling that came to us when we listened to the selected pieces, and exhibit them to the audience through the music performance, the choreography and other media.

Audiences are behind the microscope, to observe and investigate the seemingly unpredictable— yet not without reason— movement of us.


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30 Jun 2021 (Wed), 8pm
Y Studio, Youth Square
238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan
$100 (Student discount)





Association Culturelle France - Hong Kong Limited

27/F, 1 Des Voeux Road West
Sheung Wan