2021 Edition > anne-kristin vaudour and chaussette b. variation en miroir
Anne-Kristin Vaudour and chaussette b. Variation en Miroir

Using an ID photo of each other, the pop surrealist German artist and the French paintographer are showcasing their own interpretations of five predefined themes, ranging from Memories of a Geisha, Long Live the Queen, Spirit of the Beast, Big Eyes through Once Upon a Time. Each image tells a different story that let’s you dive into a fantasy world.

The exhibition encourages the viewer to explore the limitless possibilities of portrait variation and invites the audience to think about what could be their own interpretation of each universe.

Anne is using digital illustration and chaussette b. uses paintography. During one month, the exhibition will be filled with interesting events and interactive moments.



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Anne-Kristin Vaudour

In her early childhood, Anne wanted to be a magician. But since magic powers were too unpredictable, she wanted to become something close to being a magician – an artist. For her the canvas is a magic tool that gives endless possibilities and where imagination has no limits. But destiny had different plans for her and she became a down to earth manager, working for corporate companies.

Just over one year ago, Anne had the opportunity to quit her corporate job in luxury retail to finally realise her long desired dream of becoming an artist.

Anne’s pop surrealist figurative painting focuses on fantasy worlds and imaginary creatures. Her background in fashion & costume design and children book illustration, combined with her love for the old masters, fairy tales and Chinese tradition result in creating a blend of classic storytelling, fashion magazine advertising and Surrealism. Her goal is to provoke the viewer to see beyond our conventional perception of reality.

For Anne the bizarre beauty and dreamy world of Pop Surrealism provides the perfect outlet to give shape to her imaginary world. That’s why she adopted this genre for her artwork. Anne paints in oil on canvas, using the traditional technique of the old masters that she acquired during her studies in Italy. Recently she is producing digital artwork.

Among others, Anne’s artwork has been exhibited at the ANIMA MUNDI during the Biennale in Venice, the London Contemporary International Art Fair and the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.


chaussette b.

chaussette b. is a fictitious name of an artist born in 1978 in France. She currently works and lives in Hong Kong.

After working in the retail industry in Paris and Hong Kong for 15 years, she decided to dig out all the things she never had the time to explore. This exploration process led her by accident to photography in 2016. Since then, she has never stopped using her camera and decided to let the accidents occur in her life and draw her new path.

Nude photography came across first, she did a lot of nude portraits at her start, which she still continues to enjoy today along commissioned face portraits.

The editing part of the photos was one of her favorite moment and she started to play around the original photographs by adding elements.

Her paintography process is the combination of a large score of photographs, captured mainly in her own studio with nearby objects and part of her own body.

She meticulously glues them together digitally, then bravely twists them to get close to the visual composition she has in mind.

By overlaying her photographs with acrylic painting background photographs, her final work would sit between fashion photography and dark surrealism painting

Mundane objects and simple elements of the human body turn into a final story which reveals a glimpse of bizarrerie and emotional depth.

14 May (Thursday) - 30 June 2020 (Tuesday)
The Hive Spring
3F, Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Hong Kong
Free Admission





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