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Dance performances are like an audio-visual feast for the eyes, a demanding yet beautifully breathtaking art form, the French May features a carefully curated program of dance performances in Hong Kong. Artfully moving and extending their body to the lights and music, dancers tell one story after another through their performance. Every action, every outfit, every piece of music reflects the history, culture and art behind the dance. Classic and fashionable; elegant and rugged; gentle and passionate, the French May Arts Festival has curated a program featuring outstanding dancers and dance troupes from home and abroad. From contemporary, hip-hop to folk dance, each performance is choreographed to inspire and invigorate your soul.

Discover the beauty of ballet in Hong Kong

Originated in Italy and developed in France, ballet takes the centre stage of the dance program in the French May Arts Festival. A graceful dance, that is soft yet powerful, this classic display is laced with drama and embodied by elegance and romance. Whether you’re a traditionalist or enjoy a combination of the contemporary wrapped up the classic, the French May Arts Festival in Hong Kong will take you on an experiential journey with their carefully curated French ballet performances.

Curated to inspire

The French May Arts Festival is one of Hong Kong’s largest and most anticipated cultural and arts exhibitions of the year. Featuring performances and exhibitions of different art forms that puts culture and creativity in the forefront. The French May proudly provides talented artists and art lovers an opportunity to connect and create dialogues that appreciate and bring awareness to art in any shape and form. Running for two months, the French May Arts Festival has become an essential part of Hong Kong’s performing arts and dance community. With over 1 million visitors and over 150 programmes each year, the festival’s aim is to raise awareness of the diverse range of art mediums in Hong Kong.

Events to be released

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the schedule on our website or official social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The program schedule for each event will be released soon. For more information regarding ticket purchasing, please refer to ticketing information here.

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