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Discover one of the biggest arts and cultural events in Hong Kong. Embracing and introducing all aspects of the performing arts such as music, dance, and drama to Hong Kong. The French May is an annual performing arts event that presents a carefully curated series of performances rooted in heritage and culture featuring the finest talents.

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The French May Arts Festival is one of Hong Kong’s largest performing arts events that embraces culture and creativity. Providing artists and art lovers a space to converge and build creative dialogues that highlight the beauty and appreciation of art in any shape. The French May Arts Festival is one of Asia’s largest cultural events that consists of two months of cultural entertainment. With over 1 million visitors and over 150 programmes each year, the French May Arts Festival has become an integral part of Hong Kong’s performing arts scene. Our mission is to expose people of all ages in Hong Kong to a wonderfully diverse range of art forms – from contemporary art performances that are inspired and rooted in important cultural heritage, paintings and design, classical and contemporary performances and more. The French May Arts Festival offers art lovers the perfect opportunity to meet incredible artists and see them perform live.

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