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No wings, no chocolate

07/06 (Sat) - 26/07/2014 (Sat)
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday
11am to 11pm
Opening reception: 7/6/2014 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Associated Project
toof [ contemporary ] gallery proudly presents “No wings, no chocolate” - an art show by internationally renowned French graffiti artist CEET.

Energetic and ever the entertainer, CEET is not one to sugarcoat the truth, as can be seen in his art, which reflects great tension and depth. CEET has lived in Asia for more than 12 years, and for "No wings, no chocolate", he presents an integration of Japanese Kawaii culture, French humour and the rich exotic flavours of his North-African heritage. The art show includes a series based on "Chicken" imagery. CEET feels that chickens and humans are alike. Chickens get anxious easily and like to squawk, so do humans. “No wings, no chocolate” is a must-see exhibition that presents graffiti, cuteness, versatility and unimaginable creativity.

An opening cocktail reception will be held on June 7th 2014, at toof [ contemporary ]. CEET will present his work in collaboration with l’Afrique C Chic, who has prepared an incredibly entertaining programme especially for this occasion. It will be a night filled with art, music, performances, fine food and beverages and fun!

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