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Established in 1993, French May is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. With more than 150 programmes presented across two months, it has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene that reach out over 1 million visitors each year.

The objectives of French May are to touch everything, to be everywhere and for everyone.

To touch everything by showcasing the most diversified art forms: from heritage and contemporary arts, paintings and design, to classical music and hip-hop dance, cinema and circus.

To be everywhere by bringing performances to various venues and districts, including the unusual and unexpected: from cultural centres and shopping malls, to public spaces, the racecourse and Victoria Harbour.

For everyone because the Festival aims to reach out to the entire community by developing educational programmes, talks, guided tours, workshops and masterclasses, including those that directly benefit the young and less-privileged.

For 29 years, French May has been both truly international and distinctly local and wishes to contribute to the unique appeal of Asia’s World City.

The French May Arts Festival received the “Gold Award for Arts Promotion 2008” from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Dr Andrew S. YUEN

Chairman of the board,
The French May Arts Festival


Twenty-nine years of presence in Hong Kong and Macau have established the French May Art Festival as a powerful platform for cultural exchanges and art appreciation between Hong Kong, Macau and France, and one of the regional cultural scenes’ highlights.

With more than 20 million audiences reached over the years, it has now become a 2-month, 1-million-audience cultural festival which continues to focus on the sharing among talents, the nurturing of the local art scene, and bringing the best of French creations to the territory while integrating them into our everyday life.

While the COVID-19 has substantially impacted the art and cultural sector, the French May Arts Festival wishes to stand firm to its missions of presenting every art form to the broadest audience.

Through the rich diversity of its programmes – from exhibitions to performances, cinema, and gastronomy – the French May has continuously been dedicated to serving our local communities, in addressing the multiplicity of the audiences and their needs.

While the borders are closed due to the pandemic, the French May Arts Festival invites us this year to an artistic gateway to explore the exchanges, influences, and inspirations of artists through their different cultures, origins and artforms.

Thanks to the continued support of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Hong Kong Jockey Club together with its sponsors and partners, the French May Arts Festival is today, more than ever a local cultural institution dedicated to the enjoyment of its audience with an ongoing mission to educate the young generations and reaching out the less-privileged and physically challenged.

Once again, we thank you for joining us year after year, in making the Festival what it has become. We wish you, together with our artists and performers, the most astounding artistic getaway!


Alexandre Giorgini

Consul General of France
in Hong Kong and Macau


What is the sense of life without art and culture?

In these challenging times, the social distancing measures have enlightened the importance of taking care of our minds, of our hearts and of our sensibility.

The French May Arts Festival will continue to present outstanding artworks for Hong Kong for its 29th edition. Many artists, festival and arts organisers had to cancel events, but at the same time, we have seen proposals for solidarity arising as well as new initiatives.

French May will be kicked off by a world-class exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Mythologies: Surrealism and beyond – Masterpieces from Centre Pompidou. It will feature legendary artworks from Surrealism period. From the creation of the movement in 1924, its founder André Breton formulated the idea of constructing a new myth capable of expressing a renewed vision of the world at a time when nations were sinking into war. The most representative artworks will be exhibited in Hong Kong, such as L’Adoration du Veauthat depicts the iconic Minotaure by Francis Picabia, or Guillaume Tell, probably one of the most important painting made by Salvador Dali in the early time when he was connected to surrealism.

On behalf of the Festival team, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed to making it possible. Throughout the years, the French May Arts Festival has been honoured by the continuous support from the HKSAR that has affirmed the Festival as an annual cultural highlight. I am immensely grateful to all our loyal donors and sponsors.

Let’s all be surrealists and imagine a new world full of art and fantasy!







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