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The Streets of Lockdown

This show will introduce eleven established and emerging French street artists to Hong Kong viewers and collectors. After having presented them in past exhibitions and for The French May 2020, these artists are coming up with new artworks especially for this occasion. This group exhibition will highlight their personal works, their evolution within the past year and their personal backgrounds from the French perspective – with colorful and impactful artworks made within these difficult times.

This group show’s main goal is to present the diversity of their street artworks and their different skills as they all come from myriads of artistic
backgrounds. The selection was made by L’Epicerie Fine HK to present a diverse French street art scene from various different regions of France.

More than fifty artworks will be presented at the exhibition, with a large array of different skills such as spray painting, stencil art, collages, acrylic on canvas to fine art prints and limited edition works. Artist such as Kurar or Binokl will be presented for the first time ever in Hong Kong, alongside with others who have previously presented with us such as Ardif, Tim Marsh, Romain Froquet and Jo Di Bona with completely new works.


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Born in 1986, is a French street artist based in Paris. During his studies of architecture, he had interest in the aesthetics of buildings, machines and the fauna. Indeed, Ardif explored encyclopedias where he could find perfect detailed explanations and representations of the fauna. Today, his work explores possibilities between architecture, machinery and nature. The natural symmetry of the animal allows a composition that plays on the contrast of materials, scales and textures. This urban fauna creates a contrast that questions us about the impact of nature or, conversely, of the wild and primitive instinct to be found in our urban life.


Born in 1982, is a French artist that was introduced to graffiti when a teenager in Le Havre, Normandie. Influenced by street art and artists such as Kandinsky and Dali, Binokl has developed an abstract universe that he named “Bionic Ethnic”. This lyrical transcription is coming from the graffiti and tags in which he evolved. Without any particular message, he works and experiments his work on several mediums such as canvas, paper, print processing, wood, glass and vinyl just to name a few.


A French and Parisian artist born in 1973. He uses the techniques of stencil for his works. Recently, his new collection for 2020, and the 4 following artworks that he made for this show, he used another technique of lacerated and teared posters and images all taken from the streets. He then applied the spray paint on top of it with the use of his stencils.
He travelled all around the globe to paint in the streets and participated in many groups shows. As being in first place a Scenography Art Director for a theatre, it is with the same spirit that he paints where ever he goes. He sees a mural and a good spot and then will prepare a specific artwork to be well adjusted in its new environment.


Aka Damien Mauro, is street artist, born in 1983 in Chalons en Champagne. He grew up in Orgosolo, Sardinia, famous for its murals that decorate the houses. By evolving in this context, it was as if he was made for the world of street art.
Completely self-taught, he began graffiti at the age of 15. His extremely graphic style is nourished with the visuals he came across. Whether it was through his travels, dreams or even books, the artist is like a magnet with his images and gives them shape spontaneously. His abstract work is made up of simple shapes, lines, curves, along with a range of colors and make us go with the flow. Geometric and organic, his work reflects imaginary landscape. One can spot faces in his work, and they emerge in a gentle manner.


Jo Di Bona
New emblematic face of the Parisian street art scene, Jo Di Bona owes his dazzling success to the unique technique he invented himself: “Pop Graffiti”. His work associates collages, diverse graffiti influences and the pop culture he is deeply immersed in. Fauvist of the modern times, Jo mixes colors and movements to create faces filled with poetry, emotions and joie de vivre. In his creations, Jo pays tribute with the same tenderness to icons and great historical figures as to unknown strangers. He projects a kind look onto the human being as “sharing is what matters to me most”.


Joachim Romain
Born in 1973, living and working in Paris, Joachim Romain invests the concepts of temporality, urban environment and mass consumption. Accumulation & erosion are markers of time that the artist uses in his work as an ennoblement. Having as a medium of predilection the advertising poster, Joachim Romain is very sensitive to the environment issues and recycling, and realizes his pieces from recycled materials are transformed and sublimated. His work reflects the world of advertisement through the use of typography and prototypes. Joachim Romain also developed an interest for the use of paper and started creating portraits with advertisement posters. He works with ripped, cut or burnt photographs, turning them into unique pieces of art.


Kurar joined the world of graffiti at the end of the 90s, using paint to create vibrant, colourful 3D images. As he gained experience, he diversified his techniques, ultimately ending up as a stencil specialist. He is now a socially engaged, dedicated street artist whose work addresses current topics and pushes us to take a step back and question our own vision of society. By mixing characters from the past with contemporary details, Kurar addresses sensitive topics like war, religion, and the consumer society in a poetic, provocative, and humorous manner. His works are imbued with black humor, nostalgia and they emphasize the depth of the messages that he conveys while continuing to attract an ever-wider audience.


Born in 1980, emerged in the ’90s graffiti scene in Brittany. Fascinated by signs and symbols, he seeks to disobey the graffiti codes to elaborate his own graphic system. His sensitive and instinctive writing is born from “tags”, “flops” and “throw-ups” made on the streets; three emblematic disciplines of graffiti combining dexterity and rapidity of execution which have always stimulated his imagination. Inspired by artists such as Pollock, De Kooning, Alechinsky or Dotremont, his writing, liberated from lettering systems, is improvised little by little so that it builds upon itself and is transformed into a lyrical abstraction structured by spiky or rounded shapes, sometimes violent but always poetic.


Born in Sète (France) in 1990. Learning by himself and starting graffiti at the age of 14, he soon started to work on canvases by using the same materials as in the streets and experimenting new ones too. His creations are coming from his childhood, personal stories and his imaginary. Maye is a hard worker and a perfectionist. All the details in his work are incredible and meticulous.


Romain Froquet
A French artist, born in Villeurbanne in 1982. The artist lives and works in Paris. A self-taught artist, his artistic career began in 2000. He is inspired by ethnic and urban art. Through a repeated process and precise strokes, he is able to put together a unique pictorial language, reflecting his subconscious. On the borders of abstraction and figuration, at crossroads with movement and strokes, Romain Froquet’s work is a surrealistic battle. His quest for balance needs to count on his movement. He has a sound expertise on drawings in Indian ink on paper but also likes to experiment with material and color on canvas, in his studio.


Tim Marsh
Born in 1984, developed a very personal architectural style, composing his works on the basis of complex and dynamic geometric forms, patterns and lines which embed movement within the depths of his two-dimensional works. Tim Marsh creations provoke a theatrical mood taking in a palette of retro-style colours. His compositions are characterized by the mixture and variety of techniques, developing the work by the use of specific materials and medium such as tape, stencils and paint jars in his most recent work.

8 May - 6 Jun 2021
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