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Si Loin, Pourtant Si Proche…(So Far Yet So Near…)

Art in any form is a perception based on experiences and interaction with our surrounding. In ‘Voyage’, we depict the human interactions and expressions through our journeys in Asia. With globalization and modernization we tend to ignore life’s little moments and human interaction with nature, and thus ‘So Far … Yet So Near’ emphasizes on bringing these vistas closer to you.

Gaëlle has always had the need to create; Create through painting, woodworking, clothes designing, sculpting…
She is from a family of architects, and thus has long been exposed and attracted to the multiple possibilities of expressing things in three dimensions.

She has studied Arts and Communication and decided to become a teacher.
At the same time, she has preserved a part of her life to be dedicated to arts and creation. Ten years ago, she started using clay as a support for sculpting. She has been exploring shapes and forms, and the study of the human body lead her discover other disciplines such as yoga and massage.

The subject of her recent work has been to reflect on the beauty and fragility of life. She would like to make people see this beauty, wherever it is, and feel the need to protect it.

Originally a doctor from India, Monica has always been in art and design ever since in Hong Kong. With courses in photography, graphic design and watercolour, she has created a diverse collection inspired by the sights and sounds of Hong Kong and India.
She has been pursuing painting since 12 years now, with some of her works auctioned at The Canadian International School (HK) contributing to art scholarship programs. One of her latest achievements, has been a successful art exhibition (Confluence & Influence, 2016) at The Hong Kong Visual Art Centre; a collaborative display of figurative, abstract and still life works evoking a contemporary style and form. Later in January 2018, she was hosted by The Kambal Art Gallery at the same above venue.
Besides art, she is mother of two, loves and teaches music in her spare time, travels and enjoys experiencing diverse cultures.

Born and grown up in France till age 20, Sophie has ancestral connections with famous painters back home. After having graduated from a Paris business school which brought her first to Japan in 1988, then Hong Kong since 1992, it is only later in life that Sophie discovered her passion for painting but since then, it became a daily passion.
Her mostly figurative work aims at translating those various environments, influences and people she has been exposed to.
Although she has previously exhibited pieces covering various themes (still-lives, French landscapes or more contemporary items), she will present this time at 7 Mallory venue during The French May 2019 festival, mostly China/HK-themed-related works showing her 26-year-appreciation and emotions toward the Asian continent.

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17 - 20 May 2019
7 Mallory Street
2/F, 7 Mallory street, Wanchai
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Association Culturelle France - Hong Kong Limited

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