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For this exhibition, Antoine Rameau presents his ink painted collage on old books and magazines, entitled Empreintes. His passion was nurtured in the forest from his childhood, where he found tracks of the wild animals that blossoms his imaginations.

In Valérie Winckler’s Atlantide and Phosphène series, she guides us to a mysterious adventure on a beach. Inspired by photography techniques, Valérie reveals her discoveries in the nature with shapes and colors to create a dreamy tranquility. From the beautiful forest to the sea, the two artists take the audience on a spiritual journey and awaken our sensuality.

About Antoine Rameau:

Born in 1974, Antoine Rameau is a French artist raised between the green vineyards of Burgundy and the legendary blue seas of Brittany. Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, New York and Glasgow, Rameau travelled the world, exploring cultures, drawing, taking photos and nurturing his passion for wildlife, human nature, storytelling, mythology and history. He first arrived at South-East Asia in 1997 and has been living in Hong Kong with his family since 2010.

Inspired by an eclectic range of sources including comics, Pop Art, Street Art and the Recycled Art movement, Rameau started experimenting with collage early on. He explored different techniques, from Surrealist juxtaposition to Cubist construction, and slowly developed his unique style while collecting evocative images of mixed origins and turning them into oneiric new visual worlds. Each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols, historical and mythological references, and often satirical messages, which viewers can interpret based on their own experiences.

His works are fully hand-made: all pictures and papers are cut, transformed, sometimes even painted, and glued together through a complex and meticulous “recycling” process. Rameau loves the idea of “giving photos a true second-life” by being part of a new visual creation.

A lush representation of nature played a key role in his early fantastic works, where trees, flowers, rocks and wild animals took center stage. In sharp contrast with these idealized scenes of nature, the artefacts of technology and standardization embodied an invasive and sometimes threatening modernity.

About Valérie Winckler:

Born to an English mother and a French father, Valérie Winckler had an itinerant childhood and an unconventional education. Trained as an art historian, she worked on l’Inventaire Monumental des Richesses artistiques de la France at the Ministry of Culture, and later left to devote herself to photography, collaborating with various press and publishers.

Her photographic works have been exhibited since 1979, when she first exhibited at the Rencontres de la Photographie.

Since 2000, Valérie Winckler began to explore techniques in making photograms (photographic image made without a camera, usually by placing objects on the surface of a light sensitive material, then exposing them to light.)

Very passionate about social topics, she develops her artistic work and while continuing with her documentary work, which is published in press magazines and books. She has been working on long-term projects, exploring techniques and mixing medias. These projects include books, beginning with with Actes de Naissance, a work centred on birth, and La Mort si proche, a book about the approach to death in different hospitals, and later a montage which became a tool for reflection and training for healthcare workers.

Winckler has also made multi-award winning films. Her first work, Peines (the life of a family with the father in prison), was made by mixing sound and photographs, and was recently awarded again at Nuits photographiques 2015. Another highly successful film, L’Heure de la Piscine (Swimming-pool Time), have led her to direct many more documentary films for ARTE French Channel.

She joined the Rapho Agency in 1984.

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27 Mar (Friday) - 7 June (Sunday) 2020
La Galerie Paris 1839
G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central
Free Admission





Association Culturelle France - Hong Kong Limited

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