les forains , ballet urbain
Les Forains , Ballet Urbain
True festival of youth and dance

Eight hip hop dancers revisit the successful ballet Les Forains in 1945, as a tribute to this “true festival of youth and dance” (Jean Cocteau). The story about wandering artists doing their fabulous routine in a fair is the very expression of a life taking back its natural rights after a world war, and it still fascinates the performing artists of today. Anthony Égéa from Compagnie Rêvolution tries to restore the poetic dimension of composer Henri Sauguet’s work, with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong playing the ballet score, mixing with DJ Frank2Louise’s electronic music.

Such a combination of classics and hip hop, ballet and acrobatics, deliver a real Urban Ballet that evokes the cutting-edge parade of a circus, and a striking show that provides a sharing moment for all, when our minds want to wander, to travel and to dream.

Each performance will be followed by a sharing session with the artists.

Compagnie Rêvolution

It is in 1991 that the Compagnie Rêvolution took its first steps, initially imagined in the form of a collective of young artists. By animating this place of encounter and sharing ideas where the influences of each one cross and nourish each other, the young artists claimed a openness to the choreography field.

Over the years, their artistic identities travelled, enriched themselves, stood out, and naturally their artistic convergences diminished. In 2001, the collective became a company, carrying the only signature of Anthony Égéa. The following year, the company opened the doors of the first professional training center for hip hop performers in France. Enthusiastic and dedicated, its pedagogical team will gradually gain a solid recognition of her training abilities at the local, then regional, and finally national level.

The activity of the training center intensified very quickly and the company’s repertoire expanded, with artistic proposals that tackled themes relating to society, such as the place of women in hip hop (Amazones, Soli 2), the mixing of aesthetics (Tryptic, Urban Ballet, Clash), cultures (Rage, KreuZ) and arts (Les Forains, Muses).

The incessant tingling of ideas of Anthony Égéa pushes the company to reinvent herself continually, and invites the public to cross new bridges between aesthetics. Anthony Égéa never stops surprising through the opening of his choreographic landmarks, in a continuous search for harmony between symmetry and imbalance, gentleness and urgency, continuity and modernity…

Anthony ÉGÉA

Artistic Director & Choreographer

He was born in 1970. In 1984, he discovered hip hop dance. Acquainted to many techniques, he perfected his training at the Rosella Hightower School of Cannes by obtaining the choreographic scholarship from the Ministry of Culture. One year later he received a Lavoisier scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was trained at Alvin Ailey’s Dance Theatre in New York.

He founded the Company Rêvolution in 1991, in which he premiered the Amazones in 2003, Soli 2 in 2005, Urban Ballet in 2008, Clash in 2009 and Rage in 2012.

In 2010, he wrote the play Tétris for the Ballet de l‘Opéra National de Bordeaux and in 2011 the show Middle for the Beijing Dance Theatre. In 2013, he addresses the younger ones by proposing a revisited reading of the Wizard of Oz and in 2014 he creates Bliss, immersing himself in the delusions of the universe of nightclubs. The work on [these?] matters naturally pushes him towards the purification of his gestures and the construction of more abstract forms. Since 1999, his creations made evolve his style by confronting his choreographic vocabulary to other languages. Anthony Égéa strives to pass on his expertise and his activities, whether through his projects with partners on his territory or through the Professional Training Center for hip hop performers he has been running since 2002. Hence he chose the paths of transformation, to question the movement through his pieces and projects by developing hybrid forms, which deviate from conventions and expectations. Inhabited by the fulgidity of the unstable and the unknown, Anthony Égéa incessantly engages in new experiences

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Each performance will be followed by a sharing session with the artists.

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26-05-2018, 7:45pm; 27-05-2018, 11am
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
CAT 1 - $180 HKD
CAT 2 - $280 HKD
CAT 3 - $380 HKD
CAT 4 - $480 HKD





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