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Heavenly East & West astronomy

“STEM Gastronomist” workshops,
Life & death education “Live with Passion  Sealed with Love” series,
Chinese rooftop conservation techniques workshops
A series of “STEM Gastronomist” workshops explore the relationship between cooking and science theory, participants can learn about the nutrients and scientific knowledge in food handling as well think about the transformation process for the ingredients e.g. osmosis and liquidification in making coke cake and floating iced red bean milk tea. In Bio-art workshop participants can make photographs on microscopic images of cells of human body to echo similarities between mother nature and life science. This echoes themes of the exhibition in CNE1 Gallery Human Body in the Medical Museum.

Historical comic series include stories by different comic characters as detectives to navigate historical monuments and heritage in HK in their time travel adventures, comic writers sharing and sketch exhibition will be presented when the second series is launched.

Life & death education “Live with Passion  Sealed with Love” series include talks by founder of Wing Fook Funeral Home to talk on VR “Ling Tang”, Founder of home caring company Doctornow Needs Dr Wilson Fung introducing mobile app palliative care delivery services, Dr Robert Law introducting mortuary service and philosophical topics. For “Chinese rooftop conservation techniques” workshop we will invite conservation architects and conservators who have worked on HK monuments project to introduce history and hands- on techniques to deepen and renew understanding on this traditional industry to sustain future conservation.

Patrick Tang Stem sir is a science educator with extensive experience in teaching and running workshops for media broadcast. Zack Law is third generation & founder of Wing Fook Funeral Home with more than 156 outlets in Hong Kong known in revitalizing the industry with IT technology. Dr Robert CL Law is a specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology and popular web cast writer for medical related topics such as Buddhism; morals & ethnics. Dr Wilson Fung is founder of Doctornow Needs in 2016 to provide mobile app consultation service for elderly in order to relieve pressure on public health services. Daniel Ma is President for Hong Kong Historic Building Conservation Association who has 40+ years of experience running architectural conservation projects. Edward Leung is Board of Director of HKMMS cum Building Subcommittee Chairman, also Chair of Heritage and conservation Committee of HKIA, keen to promote architectural conservation for HK.

Presented by
May - Jun 2019 (weekends)
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
2 Caine Lane, Mid- Levels, Sheung Wan
Workshop : $250-$300/pax
Guided tours: $100/pax
Talks: $50/pax





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