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French Contemporary Photography

Modern and Contemporary Art

Corinne Mariaud

Corinne’s photographic series evoke, through the figure of the body, the quest for identity, the struggle of the individual to preserve singularity in a standardized world.
It questions the image of the woman and her place in our contemporary society, the diktat of appearance, cliché about feminity and masculinity.
She studied in the Duperré School of Applied Arts, Mariaud has been a portrait and fashion photographer for the press magazine in France for 20 years, while developing her personal and artistic approach in photography.

Le Turk

Le Turk’s work is marked by a baroque and nostalgic vision of a permanent end of century and lost characters in staged sets … In his studio, factory of marvels, Le Turk makes his own decor, an artificial world made by cardboard, wood and polystyrene. To build false elements, depict everything; to better approach real, to sublimate the artifice to reveal the contemporary tragi-comic in large epic paintings is his aesthetic obsession. Between sacred and profane, between Comics and Méliès, between Faith, fervour and decadence, since the past seven years this photography craftsman, this entertainer, explores the limits of his photographic discipline and questions our time.

Harold de Puymorin

Originally from Toulouse France and now living in Hong Kong, Harold de Puymorin has always been deeply attracted by colours, shapes, and rich visuals that Asia has to offer the lens of his camera.
Working with little to no stylistic restrictions of any kind, Harold de Puymorin’s work mirrors his own personality of experimentation and allowing his inspirations speak before all out.
Whether using classic photography or more advanced digital techniques, his works transmit an original yet artistic vision of life.

Vanessa Franklin

French photographer Vanessa Franklin has been living in Japan from January 2011 to October 2014. Among the many things that caught her attention in her new country was an object so simple, so deeply rooted in everyday life, that the Japanese don’t notice it anymore, a nylon blue sheet whose colourful surface conceals multiple layers of significations. Present in many important moments of life in Japan, from fireworks parties to emergency kits or construction sites, this apparently insignificant item is a truthful companion of the Japanese and, probably more than any other, embodies a large spectrum of aspects of contemporary Japanese culture.

Solange Gautier

After studying photography with a specialization in the chemistry of the photographic development, Solange Gautier explores the image in all its forms. Passionate about paintings and engravings, she looks for the images of yesterday to give it a second life.
At the age of 20, she inspired by the illustrious Max Ernst and Jacques Prévert, talented collagists. From that time, she will not leave her pencil case with her tube of glue and her scissors. Passionate about publishing, she now creates collages for the national and international press, including the design of cover pages.

Denis Darzacq

French photographer Denis Darzacq was born and raised in Paris, a city in which he still lives and works today. He graduated from the ENSAD (French National School for Decorative Arts) in 1986 and started his photographic career following the French rock scene.

In 1994 he began his first work titled “Only Heaven”, which he exhibited at various photo festivals. In 1999 the French Ministry of Culture commissioned him a body of work on French youth. The interaction between man and urban space and, more precisely, the suburbs have been a driving force in his recent work.

Darzacq won the 2007 World Press Photo prize in the category “Arts & Entertainment” for his series “La chute” and the

prestigeous French prize “Niepce” in 2012. Exhibited extensively throughout France and internationally, his works are also held

in both public and private collections including the Pompidou Center, Fred and Laura Bidwell Art Collection, the FNAC

(French National Contemporary Art Fund), the Nicéphore Niépce Museum and The Caldic Collection in Netherland.

Tina Merandon

Tina Merandon lives in Paris. Her thematic are often related to the body and the portrait, to the individual and collective story.

Since a couple of years, she has begun a personal research on the body in movement and the relation with the other. She puts in the center of her artistic project, exchanges as a subject. Her work frames around the question of power relationship in a political, social or intimate level. Her photographs are often exhibited, such as in the French Store, FNAC. She has received the awards for Young Creation by the National Library of France. She has also received the special Mention by the jury of the civil society of multimedia authors.

Vincent Fournier

Vincent Fournier was born in 1970 and lives in Paris. After graduating with a sociology degree and a Masters in Visual Arts, he obtained a diploma from the National School of Photography in Arles in 1997. 1`His works are regularly exhibited in international galleries and festivals, such as Les Rencontres d”Arles, Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, Artchitekturforum Aedes in Berlin, Z33 House for Contemporary in Genk (Belgium), Quai 1 Vevey in Switzerland, 798 Space in Beijing.
Vincent Fournier works can be found in several collections and private institutions such as the LVMH Contemporary Art

Collection in Paris, The Baccarat Art Collection in New York, MAST Foundation in Bologne, The Schlumberger-Primat Collection.

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