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Contemporary Chinese Surrealism

In response to the collaboration between the Centre Pompidou and the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Alisan Fine Arts is excited to present this exhibition as a reflection to the French surrealist works which will be exhibited at the Hong Kong Museum of Art for French May. In this exhibition, we will showcase 6 artists with a focus on Hong Kong artists, 4 painters and 2 sculptors. They include emerging women artists Cherie Cheuk Ka-Wai, Charlotte Mui, Ant Ngai-Lam, Zhang Xiaoli, and established sculptors Mok Yat-San and Wu Shaoxiang respectively.

Opening Hours: Every Friday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. All other times are by appointment only.


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Cherie Cheuk Ka-wai, born in 1989 in Hong Kong, obtained a BA in Fine Arts with first-class honours at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012. She finished her MA in Fine Arts in CUHK in 2017, specializing in Chinese Gongbi painting. Her compositions are often filled with symbols and memories, as well as subjects inspired by her personal experiences and emotions. Her practice also probes the development of Gongbi after it reached its peak in Northern Song Dynasty, attempting to rejuvenate this traditional Chinese art form in the contemporary world.

Alisan Fine Arts began exhibiting her works in 2015 and has included them in Uniquely Hong Kong (2020); 1st Taipei Dangdai, Taiwan (2019); HOPE Charity Exhibition (2018); Desiring: Post 97 Hong Kong Ink Art (2017); Being and Inking: Documenting Contemporary Ink Art, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou (2016); and A Legacy of Ink: Lui Shou-Kwan 40 Years On, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2015).

Yat-san, born in 1968 in Guangdong, obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (First Honour) in 2004 and is now the president of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society. Skilled at using many materials, he can explore the conecpt of solid and empty space, whose work has a direct link to wider environmental issues, and the topic of sustainability. He was also one of the curators of Art in The Park, 2009, and ECHO: Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial, 2010. Mok has participated in many commissions and public art projects in Hong Kong and overseas, including Public Art Project – Tamar (2012), Art Acquisition Project for The Legislative Council Complex and Art in Station Architecture – Tai Po MTR Station (2011).

Alisan Fine Arts exhibited his works in 2014-2016 Art Basel Hong Kong and has included them in Uniquely Hong Kong (2020); Ink Asia (2018); 3-Dimentional Ink Art (2017).

A pioneer in the modern abstract sculpture movement in China, Wu Shaoxiang is known for spearheading the incorporation of Western abstract forms into his oeuvre. He was born in Jiangxi in 1957. Following the Cultural Revolution, he studied sculpture at the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute and later moved to Beijing where he became actively involved in the ’85 Movement. There he was awarded the first Beijing Art and Design Scholarship and completed a postgraduate degree at the Central Academy of Arts and Design. His earlier works exhibited elements of Western sculptural styles, due in part to his admiration for the geometrical forms favored by Brancusi and Henry Moore. The round and sensuous shapes lent Shaoxiang’s forms a more sexualized language, setting him apart from his more conservative counterparts in China. In 1989 Wu Shaoxiang immigrated to Austria.

Alisan Fine Arts has exhibited his works in several group shows including Art Taipei (2017); Chinese Dreams: Yi Kai and Wu Shaoxiang, and Art Basel Hong Kong (2018).

Xiaoli was born in 1989 in Guizhou, China. She presented surreal landscapes inside small containers, using the traditional style of gongbi ink painting to depict memories and experiences. Her series is inspired by the concept of the Cabinets of Curiosities (15-18th century), incorporating astronomy, physics, physiology, molecular biology, and even mathematical concepts. The small, boxed objects allow a window into the artist’s imagination while expressing wisdom, poetry, and beauty.

Zhang received the Ms. Chu Lam Yiu Scholarship and moved to Hong Kong in 2008 to pursue higher education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she received her BA with first honours in Fine Arts and Biology in 2014. During the graduation show, she received Y.S Hui Fine Arts Award and Wucius Wong Creative Ink Painting Award. She is now pursuing graduate study at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Alisan included Zhang in the 2017 group exhibition Desiring: Post 97 Hong Kong Ink Art; the 2018 charity exhibition HOPE; the 2020 Uniquely Hong Kong; and with sell-out success at Art 021 (2018,2019) and Art Basel HK (2019).

Born in 1986 in Hong Kong, Ant Ngai Wing-lam was raised in Hong Kong and graduated with a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts in 2008. Painting is the main medium she works with, the stories of the Fish Man are inspired by the dreams she had and scenes plucked out from her surroundings. Landscapes of Hong Kong is her main element.

Ngai currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Her most recent exhibitions include the Tales of the Ocean (WWF-HK x Gallery by the Harbour, 2020); Asia Art Archive’s annual auction 2020; Every Tuesday (Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2018); The Voyage of the Beagle (WINWIN ART, Taiwan, 2017); 火腿 未,來式 (HAM gallery, Taiwan 2017); Foo Tak Quartet Artists work showcase (Art and Culture Outreach, Hong Kong 2014); solo exhibition Until You Are Here (Hong Kong 2015); Reading the Time of Fish Man (Art and Culture Outreach, Hong Kong, 2012). Her works are collected by different orginizations.

Le French May associated project 2021 Chinese Surrealism is Alisan Fine Art’s first time working with the artist.


Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte, born in 1996, Hong Kong. An emerging artist working mainly in watercolours and digitally, Charlotte Mui’s work often reflects her own experiences, visions, and dreams while drawing inspiration from mythologies, art history, theatre, popular culture and home. While Mui did not receive formal art training and instead, studied English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong, obtaining her BA in 2018, she has always enjoyed painting and as a child has won numerous international and local awards for her works. After graduating, Mui is currently working full time at Asia Art Archive. However, after a decade of painting competitively, Mui is currently searching for her own voice and mode of expression. In 2020, she completed and created her own deck of Tarot cards, ‘L’Œil de L’Âme Tarot’, which she uses exclusively for her fortune-telling endeavours.

Le French May associated project 2021 Chinese Surrealism is Alisan Fine Art’s first time working with the artist.

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