Les Traceurs

Les Traceurs


20 MAY 2023


4 pm


Great Lawn (next to Freespace), West Kowloon Art Park

Admission :

Free admission

Les Traceurs

Rachid Ouramdane brings aerial artists and adventurous athletes together for an ever-evolving on-site piece. Together they take over outdoor locations, reflecting on our ability to respect the environments we live in and offering new interpretations of these landscapes. Ouramdane attempts to let the performers’ sensitivity and personal connection to their practice shine through.

The running time of the performance is approximately 40 minutes.

Creative Team List

Conception: Rachid Ouramdane 

Music: Jean-Baptiste Julien 

Video: Jean-Camille Goimard 

With: Hamza Benlabied, Airelle Caen, Clotaire Fouchereau, Löric Fouchereau, Peter Freeman, Nicolò Marzoli, Nathan Paulin, Belar San Vicente, Maxime Seghers, Seppe Van Looveren

Ticketing Info

Free to the public. No registration is needed.

Remark: The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice.

More about Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels : https://www.dancereflections-vancleefarpels.com/en

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