A Workshop To Uncover Your Personality & Perfume Type
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A Workshop To Uncover Your Personality & Perfume Type


01 MAY - 30 JUN 2022


12nn – 8pm


Parfumerie Trésor - Sensory Vault / Parfumerie Trésor - Olfactory Gallery

Admission :

$220, *HK$200 is redeemable on perfume products on the day of the workshop. By Appointment

A Workshop To Uncover Your Personality & Perfume Type

Perfumes have long been a part of French culture. Not only do they bring joy and happiness to us, but also help us create different images. Together with a registered psychologist, we have developed a special system that uses the official MBTI type test to help you find your personality type. From here, you will discover the perfect perfume to match your personality! 

We'll walk you through a 45-minute session, starting with a set of 4 questions. Your responses and reactions in different situations will reflect your personality. Everyone adapts to their surroundings according to their personality. Its attitude and way of life are thus affected. Knowing your own and others' personality types can help explain different people's reactions, interests, career paths, and better understand each other. 

Fragrance acts as the invisible accessory to your personality, and you will be able to choose the right one for the image and personality traits you want to highlight. 

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